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Waseda Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies Colloquium Series

2022 Migration Lecture Series

“Migration and Inequality”

Date and venue:

May 12 (Thursday), 16:30-18:00 JST | Online (Zoom)


Mirna Safi is Associate Professor of Sociology at Sciences Po. She is currently head of the OSC, affiliated to LIEPP and fellow of the European Academy of Sociology. Her research focuses on migration, ethnic and racial inequalities, discrimination and urban segregation. Her work has appeared in the European Sociological Review, the American Sociological Review, PNAS, International Migration Review and Social Science Research among other leading journals. Her latest book is entitled Migration and Inequality (Polity Press).


While the sociology of immigration has been traditionally concerned with the issue of immigrant assimilation, a recent shift in migration research has been increasingly relating to social inequality and stratification scholarship, yet in fragmented ways. In this talk, Safi will outline a unified conceptual through which migration as a case study for inequality theory. She distinguishes three channels through which migration potentially reshapes inequality: the economic channel stemming from the international division of labor, the political channel linked to legal and administrative categorization, and the symbolic channel associated with group boundary-making. The talk will draw on theoretical and empirical research that has been produced in American and European contexts, with specific highlights on the French case.

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