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Repression and Resilience

COVID-19 Response Measures and Migrant Workers' Rights in Major East and Southeast Asian Destinations

By Human Rights Working Group (HRWG)

Under the worldwide pandemic situation, migrant workers have greatly been affected socioeconomically and at the risk of infection. In this situation, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Human Rights Working Group (Indonesia) co-conducted a research on Covid-19 response measures and challenges faced by migrant workers in 7 destination countries and regions in Asia, namely Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

This study, joined by scholars and experts of civil society organisations working on the frontline, aims to 1) assess the impact of pre-existing migration policies and COVID-19 public health measures, often based on strong national interests, on migrant workers, 2) explore how vulnerabilities translate to real-life experiences of migrant workers, and 3) how state and non-state actors, including businesses and civil society, are dealing with challenges faced by migrant workers. The study also aims to amplify voices of those who are affected and bringing them to the multi-stakeholders at the national and regional levels.

Will COVID-19 pandemic bring transformation towards an inclusive governance of migrant workers regardless of their status? We hope this report offers important implications for future policy making.

Link to the report: CLICK HERE

About Dr. Jotaro Kato: CLICK HERE

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