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Prof. Lara Tienshi CHEN


Ph.D. in International Political Economy, University of Tsukuba. Undertook research at Chinese University of Hong Kong (1994-1995), Harvard University (1997-2000 and University of Tokyo (2000-2003). Being associate professor and organized numerous events, talks and exhibitions while working in National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka (2003-2013) and started teaching at the School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda Univeristy since 2013.


She wrote the book “Mukokuseki (無国籍 Stateless)” that was published in Japan, translated and published in Korea and Taiwan, which is based on her own experience as stateless person for over 30 years. Her research topics include Chinese diaspora, statelessness and global migration. She also founded the NGO group Stateless Network in 2009 to advocate and support stateless issues.

Research Project

  • Social perceptions of statelessness and development of educational tools


  • 『移民がやってきた―アジアの少数民族、日本での物語』現代人文社, 2019.

  • 『無国籍―我,和那些被国家遗忘的人们』 八旗出版, 2017.

  • 『無国籍』 新潮文庫, 2011.

  • 『パスポート学』北海道大学出版会, 2016.

  • “Born to Be Stateless, Being Stateless: Translational Marriage, Migration and the Registration of Stateless People in Japan,” in Sari K. Ishii ed., Marriage Migration in Asia- Emerging Minorities at the Frontiers of Nation States, National Singapore University Press, 2016, pp187-201. 

  • Human Rights and Support for Stateless People around the World: Japan’s Role.

  • International Academic Conference Report, Senri Ethnological Reports 118, National Museum of Ethnology, 2014, pp1-229.

  • 『越境とアイデンティフィケーション:国籍・パスポート・IDカード』新曜社, 2012.

  • 『忘れられた人々 日本の「無国籍」者』明石書店, 2010.

  • 『華人ディアスポラ―華商のネットワークとアイデンティティ』)明石書店, 2001

  • 「無国籍生存」(『一席論壇』(中国語版TED、2014年9月)

  • 『無国籍三十年』(『鏡週刊』、2017年8月)

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