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NODE Conference Presentation Slides


Ayako Kohno

Healthcare Experiences of Migrant Japanese Elderlies in Malaysia: A Qualitative Study

Yasushi Miyazaki

Disability in cultural diversity on campuses in Japan and the UK:

Critical discourse analysis on university websites

Bindi Shah

Immigration, Race and Nation in Britain: The Politics of Belonging on Twitter

Hirohisa Takenoshita


Sin Yi Cheung

Cross-border Marriage and Immigrant Integration in Japan

Eline Delmarcelle

I am not Japanese - Identification, Japaneseness and Naturalisation

Strategies of new Japanese Citizens

Emilia Pietka-Nykaza

Rethinking integration: New perspectives on settling practice

James Farrer

The Cosmopolitan Yokochō: Immigrant entrepreneurs in a

Japanese culinary community

James Laurence


Akira igarashi

Fear and Hoping in Japan: How Immigration Impacts Social

and Cultural Life in a Lower-Diversity Society

John Round

"'We can only work with people who work with us': locating migrants in-between resilience and integration policy domains in the UK and Japan

Kato Jotaro

Trajectory from technical interns to be 'irregular' migrants - case study of 

Vietnamese technical interns in Japan 

Kelly Hall

Ageing in Spain: How do older British migrants in Spain access care and support in the fourth age?

Rabia Latif Khan

Afghan, Hazara or Shia? Navigating identity among a migrant and diaspora community

Laurence Lessard-Phillips


Nando Sigona

Here, there, everywhere? Mapping EU nationals and their children in the UK

Gracia Liu-Farrer

Migration and Diversity in Japan

Gracia Liu-Farrer

Reconsidering Labor Market Segmentation: Immigrants' Economic Locations in Japan

Helena Hof

(Im)Mobility and Place-making in Superdiverse Tokyo: Newcomer Europeans' Multidimensional Practices of Embedding

Linda Morrice


Naoko Hashimoto

Conceptualising Integration in Refugee Resettlement Programmes in Japan and UK

Dipesh Kharel

Nepali Entrepreneurship in Japan: Transnational Lives of Nepali Immigrants

Kuni Kabe

NODE: Resettlement, integration and civil society - Self-reliance, refugee resettlement and economic integration in Japan: policy, practice and experience

Rachel Humphris


Satoko Horii

Urban Hospitality in Hostile Nations: City Narratives and Civil Society Organising for Refugees in UK and Japan

Szymon Parzniewski

"'We can only work with people who work with us': locating migrants in-between resilience and integration policy domains in the UK and Japan

Simon Pemberton

Living in new contexts of superdiversity: Lessons from the UK

Jenny Phillimore, Sara Hassan & Marisol Reyes

Community Sponsorship, refugee resettlement and social capital in the UK: policy, practice and experience

Jenny Phillimore

Conceptualising Superdiversity

Jenny Phillimore

Old and new migrations and diversifications in the UK and Japan

Milos Debnar

Beyond the traditional diversity of migration: Europeans in Japan as 'migrants'

Sohrab Ahmadian

Identity formation and community activism among Kurdish diaspora: A particular focus on Kurdish diaspora in Japan and UK

Eri Sakaguchi, Irina Kuznetsova & John Round

Displaced from Fukushima: lived experiences and mental health

Nando Sigona

Migration and diversity in Britain: From the end of the British Empire to Brexit

Nando Sigona

Living in Hostile Environments: The production of 'illegality' in the age of 'crises'

Alison Strang & Helen Baillot

"It's not what you know, it's who you know": social networks & migrant integration

Anamika Sultana

The Acclimatization of Bangladeshi Muslim Migrants in Japan

Angelo Ishi

The rise and fall of the literary and audiovisual production by Brazilian Nikkeijin migrants in Japan - A focus on the role of ethnic media

Susanne Wessendorf

Migrant entrepreneurs and corner-shop cosmopolitani

Susanne Wessendorf

Thinking about interactions: Conceptualisations and places

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