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Xin. Y. Wang

Xin. Y. Wang is a Ph.D. in International Relations candidate at Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University. His research includes the critical analysis of the identity performance of international migrants, with particular attention to Chinese immigrants in the United Kingdom and in Japan. His main research interests lie in the analysis of the transnational socio-cultural practices. His research concentrates on three thematic areas: ① ICT (Information and Communication Technology) - led identity disturbance of immigrant; ② informal social control and migration integration policies; and ③ the politics of cultural identity and nationalism.


Xin’s current on-going research projects include a comparative study on ICT-mediated solidarity performance among Chinese diasporas in the United Kingdom and in Japan.


Xin was awarded his BEng with Honours from University of Liverpool, a MSc in development studies from the London School of Economics, a PGCert in business administration from St Mary’s University, a MSc in sociology from the London School of Economics, and worked as an assistant lecturer in Economics at the Hunan Institute of Engineering before arriving at Waseda University to pursue his Ph.D. degree.