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Institute of Asian Migrations (IAM) is a project research institute at Waseda University that focuses on existing and emerging patterns of cross-border migration in Asia. Its objective is to advance collaborative research, develop new conceptual and theoretical frameworks for international migration, and provide policy recommendations for national governments and regional governing bodies. 


Spanning a vast area, Asia sustains nearly two thirds of the world population. In this populous continent, people have never ceased to move across boundaries looking for a better life. Economic globalization, demographic transformations and the expansion of international education and tourism since the 1980s have resulted in even more rapid population mobility. In particular, attempts at creating integrated regional communities such as ASEAN have further facilitated the movements of people within Asia. People migrate to work, to study, to marry, to retire, to escape insecure environments, and to enjoy a different climate and lifestyle. 


The varied social organizations, political regimes, economic developments and cultural makeups of Asian societies mean that many historic as well as recent migration phenomena are unique to this region, and the patterns and outcomes of mobility are necessarily complex. IAM aims to be the migration research base at Waseda University and reach out to domestic and overseas researchers who work on international migration in Asia as well as other world regions. Through organizing joint seminars, workshops and collaborative research projects, IAM’s activities advance knowledge on cross-border mobilities in this region. 

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