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Immigrant Japan: Mobility and Belonging in an Ethno-nationalist Society

by Gracia Liu-Farrer


Immigrant Japan?  Sounds like a contradiction, but as Gracia Liu-Farrer shows, millions of immigrants make their lives in Japan, dealing with the tensions between belonging and not belonging in this ethno-nationalist country. Why do people want to come to Japan? Where do immigrants with various resources and demographic profiles fit in the economic landscape? How do immigrants narrate belonging in an environment where they are "other" at a time when mobility is increasingly easy and belonging increasingly complex?


Gracia Liu-Farrer illuminates the lives of these immigrants by bringing in sociological, geographical, and psychological theories—guiding the reader through life trajectories of migrants of diverse backgrounds while also going so far as to suggest that Japan is already an immigrant country.

Latest journal articles

  • Liu-Farrer, Gracia, Brenda S. Yeoh, and Michiel Baas. 2020. "Social Construction of Skill: An Analytical Approach Toward the Question of Skill in Cross-Border Labour Mobilities". Journal of Ethnic And Migration Studies - Special Issue: The Question of Skill in Cross-Border Labour Mobilities, 1-15. doi:10.1080/1369183x.2020.1731983.

  • Liu-Farrer, Gracia, and Karen Shire. 2020. "Who are the Fittest? The Question of Skills in National Employment Systems in an Age of Global Labour Mobility". Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies- Special Issue: The Question of Skill in Cross-Border Labour Mobilities, 1-18. doi:10.1080/1369183x.2020.1731987.

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