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WasePo Online Webinar on 'Humans and Mobilities'

Waseda University and Sciences Po are entering a new phase of their cooperation by strengthening scientific cooperation. Within the thematic framework of “Humans and Mobilities”, scientific exchanges will build up on research activities in related fields that are developed in both institutions such as studies in borders, migration, labor, climate change, ageing, firms, employment, housing, cities, rural areas, and inequalities issues.
This first WasePo webinar will offer an opportunity for our academic communities to take stock of the impact of the covid-19 crisis and aftermath on their current research.

Webinar Schedule

WasePo First Webinar on “Humans and Mobilities”


2nd July - Part 1

9.30 am - 11 am (Paris time) / 4.30 - 6 pm 5 (Tokyo time)


9.30-9.40 am /4.30-4.40 pm

Welcome words by VP Professor Masahiko Gemma and VP Professor Guillaume Plantin


9.40-9.55 am/4.40-4.55 pm

Professor Toshi Arimura: Covid pandemic and climate policy


9.55-10.10 am/ 4.55-5.10 pm

Professor Shinji Hasegawa: Impact of covid pandemic on the Japanese employment system and reaction of foreign companies


10.10-10.25 am/ 5.10-5.25 pm

Professor Helene LeBail: Discirimination against Asian migrants in France/Europe during the pandemic


10.25 -11 am/ 5.25-6 pm

Open discussion


3rd July - Part 2

9.30 am - 11 am (Paris time) / 4.30 - 6 pm 5 (Tokyo time)


9.30-9.45 am/ 4.30 -4.45 pm

Professors Gracia Liu Farrer and Glenda Roberts: Migrants and farmers during the pandemic


9.45-10 am / 4.45 - 5 pm

Professor Virginie Guiraudon: Care workers. Lessons from the pandemic


10 - 10.15 am/ 5 - 5.15 pm

Professors Adrian Favell and Ettore Recchi: Mobilities and the lockdown of Europe


10.15 - 10.50 am/ 5.15 -5.50 pm

Open discussion


10.50-11 am / 5.50 - 6 pm

Wrap-up and suggestions for further collaborative research

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